The Two Finches are Jake Milton and William Munford. The idea behind the brewery was very simple- both the boys love great beer and whilst enjoying a few nights at Finchley Cricket Club watching the All Blacks win the RWC 2015 they realised that there are some good beers out there but none were exactly what they were looking for. The simplest solution they could come up with was to make exactly what they were looking for! As it happened it turned out that heaps of other people were also looking for the same thing and so the Two Finches flock started to fly the nest. The Finches do absolutely everything in house, from sourcing the best ingredients, recipe creation, brewing, bottling, labelling and even the design work is done in house. It is a lot of hard work but they love what they do and they do it safe in the knowledge that there is a great beer waiting for them at the end of those long hard days. From humble beginnings brewing in a caravan at the back of their beloved cricket club they have now moved in to a purpose built micro-brewery and have loved every step of the journey so far….and are very excited for what is still to come as the Finches continue to spread their wings.


Jake is the quieter of the Finches, not a natural at taking care of our public engagements, preferring to work in the background. Gets very uncomfortable when paid a compliment so for everyone’s sake please aim them at Will. Prone to understatement and a significant lack of facial expression and excitability….except on brew days. Tries to put NZ hops in every beer possible as a proud half Kiwi. Also takes care of all our design work so if you’re a fan of it…..tell Will. When not brewing great beer most likely to be found doodling new label designs or hanging out with Wilson and Minion (his dogs)

William is the more outgoing Finch. Driven, self-motivated, organised and well dressed were not words you often heard to describe this Finch a few years ago. That all changed when he co-founded the brewery…. other than his dress sense. An excellent beer drinker with a great palate, lover of all things social and enjoyer of the limelight since being shoved in to it by the other Finch and revels in being the brewery’s public face. When not brewing great beer most likely to be found singing and playing his ukulele or hanging out with Alfie (his dog).